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Technovational projects

Solving project is the center of attention of technovatics.

Exactly through the project the relationship between theory and practice is realized.

Exactly through the project the algorithmization of solving passes like "red thread".

The ability to plan and realize the solving projects is one of the most important skill of solver.

Kinds of problems

There are many different problems associated with technics (resolution of problems, optimization, designing, forecasting, patent circumvention, etc). All of them can be reduced to 6 basic kinds of problems.

Road map of project

For problem solving you can use different approaches (methods). At the same time one kind of problems can be solved better with help of one kind of approaches (methods), and another kind of problems - with help of another.

You can move from problem to solutions by different ways. The choice of the most effective ways of solving depends not only on the kind of given problem, but also from predisposition of the solver to one or another approach (method).