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Forecasting with help of technovatics methods!


Modern market is such market where competition "reigns". To win the competition, enterprises need both to improve existing products and develop new kinds of products.

Those enterprises which are not timely develop new kinds of products, as a rule, lose out in competitive struggle and “withdraw from distance”.

Technovational forecasting (up to 5 years) is not a set of instructions which indicate the trends determining the near future but a set of main technovations which will be in demand in this future.

For what it is advisable to carry out
technovational forecast project?

  • In order to see all field of perspective technovations directly or indirectly connected with the products that you are interested in.
  • In order to strategic planning of activity of your enterprise (organization, government) was directed to the technovational landmarks of future.
  • In order to make more effective and optimal your current innovation policy.

Order of forecasting project realization:

  1. Forecasting problem definition. 1st meeting with representatives of the customer and acquaintance with the object of forecasting (1 day).
  2. Forecasting with application of technovatics methods (from 2 to 6 months depending on complexity the object of forecasting) including amendment with help of customer representatives the information about object of forecasting.
  3. 2nd meeting with customer (1 day) where presentation of results of forecasting is carried out. Poster with accompanying slides. Report in book format.

The main result of technovational forecasting is so-called technovational "road map" which in the form of pictures with explanatory text displays main future technovations connected with object of forecasting. Not tendencies of development but technical solutions many of which, as a rule, are patentable.

As a result of technovational forecasting not only ideas on improvement of considered objects of forecasting appear usually, but many investment perspective technovations essentially different from original object of forecasting reveal also.

During presentation of results of forecasting the specialists of customer (engineers/scientists) can acquaint with technovational methods that help to reveal technovations of the future. It will be a good stimulus to intensify their efforts in part of increasing of forecast-solving skills.


The main purpose of technovational forecasting (i.e. forecasting with application of technovatics methods) is to reveal all field of technical solutions (technovations) that will determine the market in the future.


It is possible other variants of forecasting process. It depends on the objects of forecasting, customer requests and opportunities of solver, also their mutual agreements.