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Proposal for organizations!


What is particularly important for organizations?

For applied research institutes - the leading edge of scientific and technical progress, also conceptual design with minimization of design-technological shortcomings.

For universities, institutes of professional development and training centers - the education of new generation of professionals able to solve actual technical problems.

For analytical centers - the ability to see not only the development trends, but also those technovations which will determine the future development.

In all these cases the technovatics methods and professional solver wielding these methods will help you.

Technovational tweaking of projects


To research institutes and design bureaus, also to federal, regional and municipal governments wishing to help them in the tweaking and successful finishing their technical projects.


The growth of competitiveness of the results of technical projects.

The essence of proposal:

It is proposed after preparation of final report on technical projects (before their adoption) to make the technovational tweaking of the results of these projects.

During technovational tweaking of projects will not only be found and eliminated the shortcomings, but also offered new technovational solutions that enhance these projects. After such tweaking the packet of specified technovational proposals for improvement of the results of projects will be submitted to the executors of these projects.

It is possible also the carrying out of technovational tweaking of projects both in the process of implementation of these projects and after their finishing.

Expected results:
  • Assistance to project executing specialists in the tweaking of their projects “to mind”.
  • Increase of quality of results of technical projects.

Learning course on technovatics


To universities, institutes of professional development and training centers, also to city administrations and federal and regional ministries and departments willing to help educational organizations in the appearance of their learning course on technovatics.


Start the technovational learning in capacity from 40 to 200 hours, depending on the demand and the required depth of skills of the students.

The essence of proposal:

It is proposed full-time and/or distance technovational learning with connection of this learning with problems of the types of technics in which the students are specialize.

Learning will be accompanied by numerous training examples and tasks.

During learning process it is planned the use of the methods of technovatics on the practical problems of the students from the place of their main study or work.

Expected results:
  • Setting up within the framework of given educational organization the modern and actual learning course on technovatics.
  • Acquisition of technovational knowledge, skills and competences able substantially to help students in solving of technical problems within their main profession.

Creation of technovational block
of development program


To analytical centers, also to political organizations (parties), federal and regional ministries and departments, city administrations that elaborate the programs of development of the country as a whole and in regions, cities and enterprises separately.


Elaboration for program of development of the country/region/city/enterprise/industry the special section dedicated to technovational development of target objects of this program.

The essence of proposal:

It is proposed to develop in the form of a separate part in the program of development of the country/region/city/enterprise/industry the package of technovational proposals based on technovational forecasting.

In frame of such part it will be not only described the existing and future technovational situations but will proposed the specific measures for the transition from the present to the predicted future. In other words it will be developed a kind of "road map" on technovational development of the country/region/city/business/industry (depending on the object of forecasting).

Expected results:
  • Increasing of effectiveness of development program through the inclusion of technovational part.
  • Addition of technovational orientation to development program.