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Proposals for governments!


What are the federal, regional and municipal governments interested in?

In increasing of number of enterprises and volumes of manufacture of their production. The more enterprises and products, the more employment and tax revenue in the budgets of the countries, regions and cities.

In modernization of products and technologies of the enterprises. The more competitiveness of products of the enterprises, the better not only for the enterprises but also for countries, regions and cities, where these enterprises operate.

In support of innovation activity in enterprises. Only the timely updating of assortment of products guarantees the financial stability of enterprises.

In the professional development of nonmanual workers of industrial enterprises and applied scientific organizations.

In all these cases the technovatics methods and professional solver wielding these methods will help you.

Technovational expeditions
to enterprises and organizations


To ministries of science, industrial ministries, governments of the regions and cities, also to enterprises and organizations.


To show to the specialists first of all of industrial enterprises and scientific organizations the advantages of using of technovational approaches in problem solving. To prompt the management of enterprises and organizations to the widespread introduction of methods increasing the effectiveness of scientific and technical creativity.

The essence of proposal:

It is proposed to carry out the technovational expedition preferably on a large-scale industrial enterprise incorporating quite a big design office, or in a research organization (applied science) engaged in development of product innovation.

In the framework of this expedition is planned:

  1. Demonstration of problem solving process, i.e. showing not only the solutions, but also how the methods of technovatics were applied for finding of these solutions.
  2. Introductory seminar on technovational methods for solving of problems with large number of learning examples.
Expected results:
  • Specialists of industrial enterprises and scientific organizations will be able to see how, in the first place, the analytical methods of technovatics work on their problems. This will be the best proof of the efficiency of such methods in the process of improvement of the existing and development of new technics. During such demonstration of problem solving process it is assumed the presence of not only specialists whose problems were solved, but also their colleagues including those engaged in different themes, but more or less well-known with the subject of these problems.
  • Will be revealed all field of solutions for each problem, and then themselves specialists who deal with these problems will be able to choose one solution or to combine a few of them for further verification, finishing and implementation. That is the solving process of these problems will be much faster, and the probability of successful solving of problems will increase visibly.
  • In the framework of the follow-up seminar the specialists of enterprises and organizations who took part in the problem solving process demonstrations will introduce to technovational methods, also will take part in solving of different learning tasks and will receive not only a general view of technovatics, but learn when and how to apply it in practice too.
  • According to the results of technovational expedition it can be made the decision to its continuation including training (when specialists will solve their problems themselves using the methods of teknovatics and receive the operational advices of professional solver) and coaching (when the problem will be solved jointly with professional solver).

Creation of technovatics departments


To the Ministry of Education, also in cooperation with the Ministry of Science, branch ministries, universities and institutes of qualification improvement.


Organization of technovational learning in universities and institutes of qualification improvement including the training of professional solvers of technical problems, teachers of technovatics methods and managers of technovational projects.

The essence of proposal:

It is proposed the scientific-methodical and educational-practical assistance to universities and institutions of qualification improvement in the creation of technovatics departments.

In the framework of such assistance it will be provided with a full set of educational-methodical materials necessary and sufficient for functioning of technovatics departments, also it will be prepared the teaching staff of these departments.

After creation of technovatics departments it is planned the organization on their basis the technovational network where will lay out the additional learning and methodological materials on technovatics, hold the scientific conferences on technovatics and much more.

Expected results:
  • Organization of technovational learning in several universities and institutes of qualification improvement.
  • Educational-methodical support and training of teaching staff of technovatics departments.
  • Formation of common technovational network of universities and institutes of qualification improvement.

Technovational forecasts


To the Ministry of Science, branch ministries, governments of the regions and cities, also to enterprises and organizations.


To make short-term and/or medium-term (from 1 year up to 10 years) forecast of direction in which the modern technics will be improved (applicable to given type of product) and what technovations will come in addition to or into replace of existing technovations.

The essence of proposal:

It is proposed to make the technovational forecast in the form of technovational road map where the most perspective technovations which will be in demand on the market in the future will be brought together.

Within technovational forecast it will be presented not only lines of development of given product, but also the technical solutions (in conceptual form) that implement these lines.

The common picture of the future technovations will allow to make a more balanced approach to strategic planning not only in the framework of the federal, regional and municipal governments, but also within the framework of scientific organizations and industrial enterprises.

Expected results:
  • Vision of full spectrum of perspective technovations inside given kind of production.
  • Technovational validation of advisability of focusing on the elaboration and implementation of concrete technovations.
  • Forestalling of competitors in finding, patenting and introduction to the market of perspective technical solutions.