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Proposals for enterprises!


What is important for each enterprise?

First, competitive production that is better then the production of competitors both in quality and in functionality.

Second, engineers and managers who are capable to solve technical and technological problems of the enterprise.

Third, the strategic plan for production development.

In all these cases technovatics methods and professional solver who is the master of these methods will help you.

Problem solving


To industrial enterprises, also to city administrations, federal and regional ministries and departments who wish to help the enterprises in important technical problems solving.


At the minimum, to help companies in solving particularly important technical problems. At the maximum, to solve these problems.

The essence of proposal:

It is proposed to accelerate the solving of technical problems which for a long time cannot be solved by the specialists of enterprise or from the fast solving of which depends the success of enterprise in competitive struggle.

The problem solving process includes the acquaintance with problem, problem analysis, generation of solutions and choice of final solution, which may be the result of combining of several solutions also.

The success of the solving process is guaranteed first of all by the application of analytical and synthetical methods of technovatics.

The expected results:
  • Increase of competitiveness of production by reducing its cost.
  • Increase of labour productivity during manufacturing of products.
  • Bypass of competitors both due to improved technical characteristics of products, and due to advancing of introducing products to the market.

Individual-group learning of technovatics


To industrial enterprises, also to city administrations, federal and regional ministries and departments who wish to help the enterprises in obtaining of technovational proficiency of their specialists.


To increase solving skills of specialists so that they are able to solve technical problems facing them faster, more qualitative and better, than specialists working in competing companies.

The essence of proposal:

It is proposed to hold not traditional (on the level of knowledge) but technovational (on the level of obtaining of solving skills) training of specialists of enterprises.

The learning process consist of 3 stages:

  1. Introduction in technovatics. Group learning in the form of seminars.
  2. Acquisition of problem solving skills with help of methods of technovatics. Individual-group learning in the form of trainings.
  3. Fixing of previously acquired skills. Individual learning in the form of coachings.

The number and duration of seminars, trainings and coachings depends on the purpose of learning (knowledge, skills, competence).

The expected results:
  • Increase of solving qualification of specialists.
  • Solving of important technical problems.

Creation of technovational group


To industrial corporations, also to big enterprises.


Creation of group (temporary group, permanent group, separate sub-unit) which able through the use of methods of technovatics substantially to help specialists of the corporation (big enterprise) in solving of technical problems, also able to conduct for them a complex learning of technovatics.

The essence of proposal:

It is proposed to organize newly or on the base of already existing similar group (TRIZ-group, Six Sigma Group, FCA-group, Value Engineering Group, Lean Group, ...) the technovational group based in activities using the technovational approaches to the solving of technical problems of corporation (big enterprise).

The minimum structure of technovational group includes three people: professional solver (he is also a teacher), solver assistant and technovational project manager.

Solver assistant and technovational project manager can carry out their functions in parallel to the work on their main activity and provide the work of solver only on problems associated with their profile. In this case one solver can work with several specialized assistants and managers simultaneously.

Functions of members of technovational group:

  • Solver:
    • technical problem solving (independently and in cooperation with specialists to whom these problems set);
    • technovatics teaching of specialists;
    • training of new professional solvers (from the number of assistants and/or probationers);
    • participation in technovational events (conferences, solving "battles", technovational exhibitions, ...), including event scenario development, the execution of quizmaster role, etc.
  • Solver assistant:
    • assistance to solver in the search of information about problems, in the preparation of patent applications for found solutions, in the preparation of presentations for working meetings in frame of technovational projects;
    • assistance to manager in the search and selection of technical problems, in organizing of technovatics teaching and technovational events.
  • Technovational project manager:
    • search and selection of technical problems for the solver;
    • organization of meetings between solver and specialists setting him problems;
    • organization of specialists learning process in methods of technovatics (lectures, seminars, trainings, coachings);
    • organization of technovational events (conferences, solving "battles", technovation exhibitions, ...);
    • search the solver assistants and probationers able to become professional solvers in the future.
The expected results:
  • Solving of "hot" technical problems of corporation (big enterprise).
  • Stimulation of solving activity of specialists of corporation (big enterprise).
  • Learning of specialists of corporation (big enterprise) in technovatics methods.
  • Training of specialized and universal professional solvers.
  • Formation of creative environment in the corporation (in the big enterprise).