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Technovatization - driving force of technics development.


Technovatization is the mass movement that connected with widespread identification and solving of actual technical tasks (technical, technological, techno-organizational and techno-economic tasks).

To increase the effectiveness of identifying and solving problems it is necessary to use the technovatics which is the methodological foundation of technovatization.

A successful start of technovatization is possible only with the direct participation of the management bodies of the enterprise/concern and the city/region/country.

Technovatization of enterprises

Intended purpose:

Improving competitiveness.

Distinctive features:

Comprehensive problematics of enterprise.

Estimation of the expected organizational and economic effect from problems solving.

Creation of task database.

Problem solving.

Solution implementation.


Technovatization of Karelia

Intended purpose:

Focusing efforts on the technical/technological side of the development of enterprises separately and the republic as a whole.

Distinctive features:

Economic measures are necessary, but not sufficient for the development of Karelia.

Only technovatization able to bring sufficiency in economic development. Therefore, for sustainable economic development it is required to change the model of development from economic to techno-economic.

Leading Karelian Technovation Center.


Technovatization of Russia

Intended purpose:

Mass technovational movement.

Distinctive features:

Technovatization can become a national idea of development of Russia.

Conceptualization of technovatization.

Community of technovational centers.

Technovational network community.

Open database of problems and solutions.


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