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On the way to artificial intelligence!


Computer programs (software) are not yet able to substitute for the work of the solvers of technical and techno-economic challenges and represent just blanks for "artificial intelligence".

Nevertheless, the developing computer programs presented here will significantly speed up the solving work, free the solvers from routine operations, and help them in searching for both existing and new solutions.

These computer programs are the result of years of experience in solving problems and the result of the search of the most optimal methods of the invention.

These computer programs are the computerization of technovatics.

Techno business planner

Intended purpose:

Modeling of technological processes for the purpose of calculation of integral techno-economic indicators that necessary for business planning.

Distinctive features:

Geoinformation system, which allows to overlay on maps (layouts of factory workshops, ...) not only the routes of movement, but also the movements themselves.

Binding of the relevant integral indicators (fuel and lubricants, productivity, ...) to the movements of technical objects (vehicles, semimanufactured goods and parts, ...).

Comparison of different modes of operation.

Evaluation of the effectiveness both technical objects separately and system of technical objects in general.


Techno search engine

Intended purpose:

"Intelligent" search of technical information.

Distinctive features:

Formation of the logical image of the sought object.

"Training" recognition of the sought object from the "garbage".

Round-the-clock work of search bots.

Ranking of the found information by a set of search criteria.

Searching for both textual and graphic analogs.

"Self-learning" algorithm of recognizing the sought information.



Intended purpose:

Technical problems solving, conceptual design and forecasting of technics.

Distinctive features:

A set of methods-tools that allow not only to accelerate the processes of technical problems solving, conceptual design and forecasting of technics, but also to increase the effectiveness of the developers.

The methodological basis of Inventotron is technovatics.

Modules of Inventotron can be used both in a bundle and separately.

In the process of problem solving project it is formed the report which includes the analysis of problems and the field of their solutions.


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