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Technics of the future!


Concepts are the result of conceptual design of new technics. They contain in itself one or more technovations that can substantially improve the technical characteristics of this kind of technics.

Conceptual design is the short-range forecasting of technics.

This is something that does not require major technological breakthroughs.

This is something that makes sense to develop and put into mass production "here and now".

This is something that can bring substantial benefit to those who will be the first.

Warranties of transfer of concepts:

- assignment of patents both on concept in general and its parts separately;

- full support of R&D (from design to series production).

New kind of grain harvester

Intended purpose:

High-performance harvesting of grain with its drying and lowering operating costs.

Distinctive features:

Grain reaper with pre-thresh of the grain.

Cyclone thresher and straw shaker.

Aerodynamic cleaning and separation of grain.

Pneumatic transport of grain.

Bottom location of the diesel engine.

Electric drive of the harvester nodes.

Low cost of the harvester by reducing the number of parts in the its main nodes.

Possibility to operate a harvester in diesel power plant mode.

Transformation of harvester into autumn-winter and spring types of technics.


Logging machinery complex

Intended purpose:

Year-round high-productive and cost-effective logging, including where a wheeled machine cannot work (deep snow cover, unsteady or moist soil during the autumn-spring thaw, swampy soils, highly rugged terrain).

Distinctive features:

The base platform including a chassis with wheel drive, turning ring, hydraulic system for turn of ring and telescoping of outriggers, remote control system of this platform:

- is the basis for all machines of this complex;

- is the basis for the gamma of logging technics.


- increases the passability of machines (reduces the energy consumption for moving especially on unsteady terrain);

- allows to logging where wheeled vehicles can not pass;

- much cheaper, more reliable and suitable for repair than the wheels.

Independent suspension:

- allows the passing of obstacles without tilts of the chassis (including the transport speed);

- ensures with help of fixators the stiffness of the harvester in felling the tree.



Intended purpose:

Minimization of costs for the transportation of passengers while maximization of passenger flows.

Distinctive features:

Manual and/or automated remote control of the autonomous sections of the bus allows him not only to turn around in the narrow streets, but park in various ways.

Cost optimization of the transportation of passengers is due to possibility of using the buses with varying number of autonomous sections, depending on the passenger flow.


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